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WA-R Trust

The William Austen–Renwick (WA-R) Trust, is a charitable organization, in the United Kingdom, founded by Lord Ellis Austen-Renwick. The Trust is in memory of Lord Ellis’ grandfather, the late Captain William Austen-Renwick, a hero of the British Army.

Captain William, born in 1874 to parents, Charles Austen-Renwick and Edwina (nee-Toulson) was born into the British monarchy; cousin of King George V. Captain William studied Politics & International Military Affairs at Eton College, before enlisting into the British Army. He married Elizabeth (nee Lewis) in 1898. Elizabeth gave birth to their only son, Henry in 1903. Elizabeth died young and William never remarried. Henry later married Margaret (nee Stuart) in 1929. Together Henry & Margaret had son, Ellis, born in 1934, and daughters, Victoria (1936) and Charlotte (1937).

Captain William Austen-Renwick pictured on duty in Bambatha in 1906

Captain William served as Captain in the British Army during many conflicts including:

  • Benin Expedition (1897)
  • The Second Boer War (1899-1902)
  • Tibet Expedition (1904)
  • Bambatha (1906)
  • Easter Rising, Dublin (1916)
  • World War I: Arab Revolt (1916-1917)
  • Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920)
  • Afghan Civil War (1928-1929)
  • Great Arab Revolt in Palestine (1936-1939)

He retired gracefully from the British Army, a hero in 1939 after over 40 years of service to King & Queen.

Captain William Austen-Renwick pictured in Portsmouth with his cadets before his last expedition to Palestine in 1936

The William Austen-Renwick Trust celebrates the life of British Military conquests. Founded in 1976 by his grandson, Ellis, the Trust run a National Book Club, known as Club Legion which remembers those who have fought and died for Great Britain. The William Austen-Renwick Trust provides mentoring support and offer financial grants to servicemen and women who have helped make Great Britain, the proud Empire that she is.


  1. Joe

    I know of a book that you will be very interested in.
    Lets just say that Captain William plays a major role in the story…
    Contact me.

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      Hi JB,
      Thanks for your comment. Please do come and visit the store preferably before we close for Christmas. We believe that we have all the books concerning Captain Williams exploits whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.
      But please do pay us a visit or send us an email through the Contact Us page.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

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        Hi JB,
        Many thanks for the email that we received from you through the Contact Us page.
        We are very keen to meet you. We understand that tomorrow is Christmas Eve but we would appreciate if you could call in to meet us to discuss the memorabilia from Captain William that you allude to?

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          We appreciate your visit to us on Boxing Day. We are very interested in following up on your information. It is in our best interests.
          We will take things into our own hands from here.

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    Have you been successful in acquiring the document we discussed?


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      We are pursuing a definite line of enquiry.

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    How is your definite line of enquiry coming along? Things seem to have gone cold. You don’t want the truth getting out there now, do you? Think of your reputation. Your families reputation…

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      We are moving in on our target. We expect to conclude proceedings sooner, rather than later.

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